Mr. P

mr.p1Mr. P is a rotisserie grill designed to cook with any combination of charcoal, wood and gas.  This gas rotisserie grill will be the life of the party attracting everyone’s attention with the amazing 5- foot rotisserie capable of roasting up to 150lb whole pig!  Guests will race grillside to enjoy this superb rotisserie roasting experience.  Rent this gas rotisserie grill and provide a unique, mouth-watering barbecue to remember.  This gas rotisserie mr.p2grill also converts to a traditional grill for another round of satisfying grilling experience.  The conversion to a traditional grill is just as “showy” as the rotisserie as it has 13 square feet of traditional grilling space.

*The gas rotisserie grill rents for $250.00 a day and includes a full tank of propane.
* multiple day rental rates are available.



J. Jacoby

Thank you so much for helping to make my Company’s cookout so successful. The grills were awesome and my colleagues loved having our senior executives cook for them. Your prompt responses to my many e-mails and phone calls was ...Read More...